Daniel Walter Hill

London, UK

London, UK

Regarding Daniel Walter Hill, a photographer and traveler,

Throughout his whole life, Daniel Walter Hill has had a camera in his hand. An automatic point-and-shoot camera was given to him by his grandfather as his first camera. All of his family members were delighted about posing for him, establishing positions that gave the photographs an air of candidness, and happily posing for birthday shots! By the influence of his family, NAME became interested in photography.

The East Coast's National Parks

Vacationing to East Coast national parks was a staple of the Hill family's summertime routines. As a result of these trips, Dan developed a love for wildlife photography, which he will always be grateful to the family for. Mr. Hill has vivid memories of these family vacations, which took him from Acadia to Biscayne.

Acadia National Park in Maine, Biscayne National Park's mangroves, and Everglades National Park in Florida are all places that have changed Daniel Walter Hill's life for the better.

As of now, the West Coast is

It is Daniel Walter Hill's goal for his children to have the same experiences he had growing up, in line with tradition. He wants to instill in his children a love for nature, and so he and his family take regular vacations to national parks. They would instead be traveling to the West Coast's national parks this time around.

Yosemite, Yellowstone, Redwood, and the Grand Canyon National Parks have all been visited by his family.

This summer, they're taking a trip to the Florida Panhandle.

On his blog, Daniel talks about the national parks he visited as a youngster and the holidays he has taken with his family. Learn more about his photography adventures in these parks by checking out the page.